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We are satisfy our customers from all sectors as AK-PRO information technologies.For example; restaurant automation system, market automation system, shop automation system, retail automation system, preliminary accounting automation system, production automation system, store automation system, car park automation system, software service and cash register pos, hand-held terminal, scales, barcode reader, barcode printer, computer POS, payment receiving point.We serve product sale and after product sale for hardware requirements.


We are retail sale across in Turkey.There is lot software and equipment brand. The biggest feature that sets us apart from other companies.We do not your impel the product. We do not your restriction requirement.We do your remove limitation for requirement.We provide 100% solution to your needs.

Do Not Postphone Your Deficiencies

Earn time with online payment systems

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Paying Systems

Online payment systems are make collection credit cards in internet.This one supply web based software systems.

Pos Cihaz─▒


Barkod Okuyucu

Barcode Reader

Kamera Sistemleri

Camera Systems




Our present different solutions for many sectors in Turkey. All our solution are sectoral.We alteration according to our customers.

Restauran Automation Systems

Recipe, Package Order, Courier Tracking, Yemek Sepeti

Shop - Market Automation Systems

Barcode product tracking, Purchasing, Inventory, Inventory, Counting, Profit - Loss Reports and More

Car Park Automation Systems

License Plate Recognition, Ticket Pass, Barrier Control System, Road Blocker

Store Automation Systems

Counting , Stock , Inventory Reporting , Purchasing Tracking , Order Slips , Handheld Terminal Integrated , Remote Counting

Factory Automation Systems

Purchasing, Raw Material, Semi-Finished Product, Finished Product, Production Recipe, Inventory Tracking, Inventory Alarm, Production Cost, Pre-accounting and Personnel Expense Tracking and More

Siber Security Systems

Information Security and Incident Management System, Cyber Intelligence Services and Integration, Predefined Intrusion / Threat Rules and Behavioral Analysis